Hiden gems-idea for a boat trip

Croatia is full of amazing places to explore. Extraordinary landscapes can be found everywhere.

In our blog we will try to reveal you some of them in our neighbourhood.

Let me intorduce you today - Island Sikavac.

How to reach it?

The easiest way to reach it is by renting a boat in our camp. Price for the rental is 80 eur per day, gas included. We recommend you to take suncream, hat, umbrella for the shade, some food and lots of drinks. Beacuse this small fellow is inhabitat only by seagulls. They nest there in a winter time and go for a sleep in the eveing also there. So this is a desert island.

Direction to get there is driving to the west, towards island Pag. When you are in the boat and your back is turned to the campsite that means drive diagonaly, litttle bit to the right.

After 15 minutes slow driving you will see at first nice red lighthouse. Turn arround that light house and on the south side of the island you will find amazing beach. Turqouise coulour of the sea is breathtaking. Sea bottom is in white sand and out side on the island is nice white pebble beach.

Park your boat and enjoy snorkling.

Have in mind that you will find Periska. That is a nice, big shell. Look it but do not take it out because it is forbidden. Unfortunately in last years this shells are dying. So we try to save them as much as we can.

If you have gopro camera, this is a perfect spot to make some awsome photos that your friends at home will be gelous...

On your way home drive arround whole island to explore it little more. It is worth it!