Trekking in the neighbourhood

Today we represent you, one interesting trekking route. In front of our camp. On the first photo you can see the cape. Our goal is to get to the fortress on the top-Castrum Ljubac.

You start walking from the beach in front of our camp. Follow the beach till the end of the bay.

Then you will find three houses situated at the cape's bottom.

Behind the houses is the road that leads you upwords. At the  end of this road turn right.

After turning, and 10 minutas walking throught the woods, suddenly, the beatuful sea landscape reveals.

You will see the sea from three sides.

Then walk till the end of a cape. Fortress is in the front of you.

Take out the sendwiches and water and enjoy the view! Snap some photos too.

Now you need an hour and a half to get back.

Hope you enjoyed it!