Ecocamping label

We proudly present you that this year we became a member of Ecocamping campsites family.

We care a lot about our enviroment.

Our contribution to the nature can be found in next 6 steps:

1 ) We produce our own electricity by solar panels. That energy we use for the heating of hot water, floor heating in the wintertime and outside lights.

2) Our waste waters are all reused, filtered and used for watering of the plants in our campsite. That is why we are so green in area of Croatia where the strong wind bura, devastites the nature.

3) We recycle our garbage, ofcourse. In the campsite we do not use plastic.

4) Arround you, you can find many informational tags about most common herbs and animals.

You can also pick some aromatic herbs to compliment your dish. For example rosemary, laurel, lavander or even figs... Those spices are planted on the pitches.

5) From this year we also changed engine on our boat from gas one to electric one.

6) To minimise usage of the car, we offer you free bike rental.


Live in nature and live with nature!