New olive grove

Ecology, nature protection and health are very important to our guests and to us. That is also the reason why they choose us. With us they can enjoy, experience and meet the original nature.

Listening to the thoughts of the guests and our goals, we decided on a new venture in the direction of sustainable development, ecology and preservation of tradition. We have launched a project to build a new organic olive grove in which we will show the process from the beginning, terrain preparation, planting and until the moment when we will harvest olives together and get olive oil. We want to make a joint project with our dear guests. To show you through socializing in nature and the olive grove and teach you how it used to be done. We offer you the opportunity to maintain your own olive or fruit tree, to water it, dig it, prune it and finally pick the fruit yourself. We will process the olives together into oil at a local oil mill. And finally, you can take that oil that you produce yourself home.

How do you like the idea?

We will contact you soon with interesting details. Until then, see how the works on your and our olive grove are going.

Pictures and a small description ....


Cleaning of the terrain

Terrain is prepared

Digging holes

The view